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WUXI XUELANG CHEMICAL INDUSTRY PACKING CO.,LTD. is a fixed unit where National Chemical petroleum Chemical Industry Corporation filling produces as well. We're experts in producing various chemical industrial fillings, air-separating fillings, tower inner pieces well as the ware for removing foam. Our company always follows that the technology is the first productivity. Via our constant development and keeps blazing new trails, we've achieved more than 10 items upon the practical new pattern patent and invention patent successively. The fillings of new type meshed ripple was rewarded the second place in National level's science and technology in 1992,and also, it was rewarded the gold prize in the 2nd China patent new technology and product achievement fair.

The product and technology of our film are widely used in the procedures of distillation, adsorption stripping, extraction, and separate refinement etc. for refining extract oil, petrochemicals, air -separating chemicals, coal chemicals, industry of fine chemical. medicine, spice, and dyestuff etc. We've gained remarkable social and economic returns.

It's proved by the performance of the millions of towers that the towers with packing technologies provided by our company which is included the gas stripping column, turnplate extraction tower in the industry of formaldehyde all meet or above the standard, when it comes to the model of liquid separate for the nitrotoluehe,chloro-1-mthy,oxidation of Benzene methanol phenol acetone, the purity all above 99.7%.The successful example of the processing for Hastelloy allays packing make great contribution to acetate industry. In particular ,the number reported for the formaldehyde packing processing has already achieved the best number format. The vapour assumption has controlled under 1.1 ton/T while getting the good result for coupled of the projects. Besides, the color difference can reach the standard of the " Number 2color" after using the fatty acid &separated cotton-seed oil ad the raw material, its consumption is lowered to 30%.The Mell apale air-separation packing researched and developed by our company has already gained the appraisal of the provincial science fruits, thus filling the domestic blank.  
        More than 300 sets have been used on the equipment of deep and cold air abruption of producing argon, specification is 3000-4000m3 /h, and the standards of purity has reached 99.999%,We've made an innovation on the inner parts of towers, and greatly improved the old equipments, the products are from small to big ,and the inner parts of towers are from low to high. And by  now we've created a new series. The diameter of the tower can from 200mm to more than 10000mm. Since it has a large gas routeway, about 70% air can through it. Joists are not set in the re-distributing appliance in the tower. The calculation on the height of crossbeam in technics.  
        Our company has been rewarded the tittles of "High and new technology enterprise of Jiang Su Province", "High Technology Private Enterprise of Jiang Su", "Qualified Enterprise of Wuxi", "Grade AAA enterprise", etc. It was listed among the top 20 corrosion-proof enterprises in China. Our company produces fillers over 12000 cubic meters and inner-parts of tower more than 1000sets.  
Our company focuses on integrity and advances with time. We provide excellent service to you with good reputation and quality products. We warmly welcome you, whether you are new or old customers, come to our company or write letters to us to do business with us.