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Pallet type liquid re-distributor
Pallet type liquid re-distributor


Innovative products--collected tray-series liquid redistributor

Independently developed by Wuxi xuelang chemical industry packing co tray-series liquid redistributor collected from application to date, by the majority of users praise. Redistributor in the series features a low installation height, no beam, process calculation of height of tower height of beams is another distributor. According to the diameter of the tower blocks into the Tower from the manhole Assembly into one. Slots are due to the distribution share, so it can keep the liquid in a liquid evenly, completely different from multi-stage trough Distributor. It is not only a liquid redistributor is also a gas distributor. Liquid distribution points can be arbitrarily set the liquid quantity according to design requirements, uniform distribution, size and operating flexibility of design. Gas channels, 60% of the tower section above, perfectly suited to match the packing. Gas produced by the resistance is small, small pressure drop and gas distribution uniformity throughout the tower to ensure that tower along the wall packed gas-liquid exchanging normal, continuous road, no dead ends, can also set the size of the channel effective distributor arising out of pressures to control the flow of gases. In order to ensure uniform air distribution.

According to the actual application, and achieved good results, examples are as follows:

1, and jiaxing a company new of million tons o amino benzene ether device originally used slot disc type liquid distribution players, return volume reached 4 tons/hours above that occurred liquid pan, in o Nitro benzene ether for vacuum (low load) full return fine distillation Shi Tower Kettle main impurities of content for 0.01%, Hou used tray type liquid distribution players Hou, return volume reached 7 tons/hours operation still normal, main impurities content also reduced to 0.001%~0.002%. Separation capacity has improved significantly.

2, Zhenjiang sopo 200,000 tons/year of ethyl acetate Tower renovation, replacing the former Tower of total inflow 2500L/h, Tower returned to 10000L/h, after changing the tray-type liquid distributor, towers the total inflow to 4000L/h, returning to 7000L/h, the entire system for temperature parameters the same, single Tower handling capacity than the original raising of nearly 60%.

3, Shandong Union with an annual output of 60,000 tons, 120,000 tons, 150,000 tons of Santa process of methanol distillation, steam energy consumption amounted to 950kg/t, reached a high national level.

4, Sichuan lutianhua annual output of 400,000 tons of methanol Tower of three processes, is operating normally. Pressure containing ethanol methanol Tower 5~7ppm.

5, Shandong company from ethyl first tower reconstruction of first use pallet type Distributor, reflux ratio to 3:1 per cent. Increases the processing power of 30%, so far, has transformed hundreds of distributors throughout the company, as long-term use styling products

6, hyper-3000T/Y/o-chloro toluene in Danyang separator for separation of isomers, selection tray type liquid distributor and mesh packing, production capacity will reach 3500T/Y, ≥ 99.7% of p-chlorotoluene, o-chloro toluene ≥ 99.7%. Are higher than the original design.

7, and Weifang a company ethanol device, and no water tert-Butanol device, and cyanide acetic acid b fat device are selection has tray type liquid collection again distribution players and network hole packing, by years run proved, separation efficiency far above slot type distribution players and General of hole Board, and pressure extended hole packing, holding liquid volume big, operation balance, and fluctuations small, pressure reduced, steam liquid through volume big, steam single consumption declined about 30%.

8, Changxing County, with an annual output of 3,000 tons of p-cresol plant in Lanzhou, has run well, product quality is up to standard. Has now been expanded to 40,000 tons. Tray-series liquid redistributor collected applications in other distillation column design requirements have been met and exceeded, primarily in energy conservation achievements, ahead of other existing in separation efficiency. Its successful application design is a big leap in the history of distillation equipment.